Online Marketing & Social Media Management

We understand that it can be confusing how to sell and market online, and that is right where we want to come in and come alongside you! We find it exhilarating to learn about and implement what is on the cutting edge of social media and online advertising, mobile technology.

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Exposure Optimization

SEO is dead. – Google monopolizes how websites are listed and is constantly changing the rules of the game. Getting noticed online is all about exposure. So many companies have cookie cutter formulas for Search Engine Optimization – but if google is constantly changing the rules of the game, how does that work?

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WordPress Web Development

We’re about empowering everyone to build the website they want and to give them full control over it. We build a system where you can update content yourself if you wish, or make small changes to your site without having to constantly call up your developer and pay for it. We work on YOUR budget.  Get what you need, and how you want it.

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Mobile Web Development

We help plan what type of mobile website you want; either a custom web app or mobile web design. We’re up to date with technology so it works on any mobile device. Don’t pay more than what you have to.  We have tools and technology to get what you need at professional level without spending thousands and thousands.

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Business Development Support

Growing or Starting a business can be tough.  Ideas can come to people by simply mapping things out on paper, or taking a jog even talking to others.  We help you develop your business by talking through your ideas.  We help you figure out what you need to do and how to do it.  Make sure you grow or start your business the right way by consulting with us. When you succeed, we succeed and there is no other greater feeling than that.

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Nonprofit Work

We are heavily involved with helping nonprofit organizations.   Nonprofits come in all sizes, from local to international, so no matter the size, we can help.  We offer our services at a high discount, (even though we’re already more affordable than most companies).  We’re about helping people, not to just make money.  We love to be ambassadors, partners and friends.

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